Are you looking for a Job or a Internship in Malta?

Visible Partners is a marketing company based in Malta. The company was founded in 2017 and specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEA (Search Engine Advertising), lead generation, and the purchase and sale (brokerage) of advertising space. Visible Partners distinguishes itself by its focus on optimization and the use of new technologies. Are you looking for an innovative partner? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for yourself.

Vacancies & Internships

Visible Partners is looking for reinforcement. Are you looking for an internship or a new job? Maybe you will soon be able to work at Visible Partners. We currently have 1 vacancy for a permanent position and 1 vacancy for an internship.

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Assistant Content / Marketing Specialist (Internship)

As an intern, you help find attractive advertising opportunities, assess the quality of these placements, negotiate the prices, and draw up the advertising texts in consultation with each other. You will also work with us to improve the content on our websites.

We offer interns the opportunity to take up a permanent position after their internship has ended.

Content / Marketing Specialist (Permanent Position)

You are responsible for purchasing advertisements, assessing their quality, negotiating, and drawing up the advertisements. It is an independent position with a great deal of personal responsibility.
– Good with languages
– Creative spirit
– Can work well in a team
– Experience with working for/on websites and/or search engine optimization

What We Offer

– A market-based salary
– Lunch
– Friday afternoon drinks
– Support with regard to finding accommodation
– Activities outside working hours
– Good working hours (10:00 to 18:00)

Our Services

We specialize in SEO, SEA, lead generation, and the purchase and sale (brokerage) of advertising space. We strive for maximum conversion, at the lowest possible price. As far as we are concerned, a successful advertising campaign is a highly optimized advertising campaign.


Visible Partners is located near the beach in the north of Malta and is easily accessible by car and public transport.


Are you interested in our services, working, or doing an internship at Visible Partners. Please contact us via the contact form.


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